I publish an account of Facebook after suitable editing:

“While all goes well we do not appreciate what we have: food, water, electricity, study, work, freedom, peace … and religious practice.

The life of Ms. Guadalupe was normal, nearby Damascus, capital of Syria, great city, modern, safe and quiet. No one imagined that could change. One day she started hearing bombs and suddenly everything turned into Hell: religious persecution, lacks of electricity, water, food, security, freedom and basic life necessities. War had broken out! Today, she lives permanently on the brink of death but she embraces Hope. The testimony will help you to rethink your life and begin to appreciate what God gives you every day.”

Thank God for our welfare and Pray for Peace in the Middle East!

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4 Responses to PRAY FOR PEACE

  1. Lord, Jesus let us pray for peace in the world ..Amen.

  2. Kat M. says:

    Praying for peace…

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  4. amyvdw says:

    Praying for peace now.

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