Prayer for Priests






Holy Mary, pray for all priests:

• Who are walking on the wrong path,
• Who do not show any more the necessary respect that is due God,
• Who do not possess any more courage to profess their faith,
• Who show no respect for the Most Hly Eucharist,
• Who have succumbed to the allurements of a deceitful world, and do not seek God any more,
• Who have given up the Holy Sacrament of Confession, and tolerate sinful deeds,
• Who have no more love for you and thus have become cold in heart so quickly,
• Who do not obey the Holy Father any longer,
• Who are walking on wrong paths and corrupt the mind of the people,
• Who have left the Church,

Save them all.

O Mother, you are leading the way for us in your love for your Son, Jesus Christ. Together with you, let us help the afflicted priests. They have the most sacred power and authority to transform wine and bread into the Body of Your Son; they are the intermediaries between God and us; they bear the great responsibility for our souls. But we are also responsible for the Holy Church to produce holy priests. Help us through Your Immaculate Heart, O sorrowful Mother, who is burning with love for us. Amen.

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  1. Kathy Hamill says:


  2. Paul Lalpu says:

    Let us pray for them in a year consecrated for the priest as declared by our Holy Father.

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