Obedience to the Holy Spirit



I promised allegiance to the Holy Spirit when He recruited me to serve the Mystic Body of Christ.  It follows an excerpt of the article Dialogue with the Holy Spirit.

“Manuel, I am the Holy Spirit and I had revealed to you that ‘your suffering is your treasure’. God wants to forge an alliance with you that Satan won’t dare to challenge. Surrender to Me and I will guide you in your mission.”

Write to India Manuel,” asked the Holy Spirit, and I complied.  About 20 million, 1.55% of the total population is Catholic, and Christians are about 20% in Kerala.


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  1. Dear Lord, give the right thoughts, words and actions to fulfill your will. Grant me the opportunity to be a blessing to someone in need. Let me be a channel of light, love and hope in this world, and erase my doubts and confusion. Send me your Holy Spirit! Amen.

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