Ekman’s Conversion to Catholicism


The video presents the motivation of Ulf Ekman and his wife, Birgitta, to convert to Roman Catholicism. He announced their conversion to their protestant congregation on March 9, 2014, during his Sunday morning service. I stress statements Ekman made in his announcement.

“We have come in contact with representatives for millions of charismatic Catholics and we have seen their living faith. We needed to know the Catholic faith better. This led us to realize that it was actually Jesus Christ who led us to unite with the Catholic Church.”

Ekman is the founder of Word of Life, a church in Uppsala, Sweden. Word of Life has about 3,000 members and a staff of 12 pastors, and the church’s school has about 1,000 students. Ekman also launched Scandinavia’s largest Bible school, rolled out a worldwide media program on television, recorded teaching that has been spread around the world, and published books in 60 languages.

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