Divine Call Package



The package comprises my call from the Holy Spirit and interactions with Him.

MANUEL introduces me to my audience.

God Sent Me to Confession because “I want to forgive and bless you,” He said.

Interaction with the Holy Spirit describes my first encounter with Him.

Man Thirsty for God and Dialogue with the Holy Spirit are sequentially linked.  The unknown person had often passed by the church, but on that day he had a burning desire to come in. I humbly confessed to the Holy Spirit I was unfit for the mission and had to look after my nieces. “Manuel, I am God — I am omnipotent.  Do not worry about anything — I just want your fiat,” said the Holy Spirit.  Lord, I will serve you!

Be Not Afraid confirms the Divine Call.

God Chooses and Prepares His Servants frames the Divine Call Package.


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