God Chooses and Prepares His Servants



It follows five highlights of the video.

(01) God prepares you to do great work for the Kingdom of Heaven.

(02) It does not matter how long it will take you, as long as God is the one preparing you.

(03) People who are tough when they pass through hard times are stronger.

(04) When God prepares you it feels and looks painful. He passes you through fire.

(05) It is a time when you must humble yourself to receive and learn what He wants you

to learn, despite how hurt you feel.


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My life has been very difficult, so it made me wonder about The Value of Suffering.

I considered to enter the seminary after grammar school, but thereafter I found girls very interesting.

I got married, fathered two baby girls, and when I reached middle age, a persistent idea assaulted my mind: “I had a noble mission to fulfill in the Roman Catholic Church.” How can it be? It must be impossible . . .

I mentioned the idea to a stigmatic seer during a phone call and asked her about reincarnation. “No, she replied, but from now on you will work for the Holy Spirit and He will endow you with many charisms to fulfill a noble mission in the Roman Catholic Church.

I had an Interior Locution from the Almighty Father on the Holy Spirit Sunday of 2012. “Go to Confession, because I want to forgive your sins and bless you,” and I complied. Some weeks later I had an Interaction with the Holy Spirt. “Your suffering is your treasure,” He said abruptly, during a somber period of my life.

The Dialogue with the Holy Spirit ensued some weeks later. “Holy Spirit, would it be better if you selected a clergyman instead of me, a layman, to serve you,” I affirmed.

“No, Heaven chose you, but I cannot force you to take the mission,” said the Holy Spirit.

Do I have to take courses in Theology? “No, you will study Theology on your own because you are very bright and though you are a layman, you already know Theology . . . If you do not understand something I will easily insert the answer in your mind because you are spiritually tuned,” said the Holy Spirit.

He continued, “I will guide you in your mission.”

I surrender to Thy Holy Spirit!


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