Satan is a Real Entity






The following happened according to the exorcist:

“‘I was attacked by one of many demonic entities. In the past I can remember being attacked in past rituals when I fought the demonic, but this time I almost lost the battle as well as my life,’ and the Catholic Archbishop Ron Feyl continued.

‘I felt three penetrating blows to my left rib cage which took my breath away. I continued to read the ritual and prayers to the end. We were successful, but at a cost. Immediately after the case I started to have shortness of breath and pains on my left side rib case. After going to my family physician he suggested I get a chest x-ray. It was at the time that I was immediately admitted to San Antonio Hospital, in Upland, California, where I learned that I had a sack of two liters of blood around my heart.’

‘I was told that the blood kept my heart from efficiently pumping and caused my lungs and belly to develop fluid caused by the leakage. I was in the critical care unit for almost one month, with electrical leads and tubes running out of my chest. I had three operations while I was there.’

‘The doctors had no idea about what caused my condition. I was instructed to take 40 pills a day for the next six months, which caused all kind of side efforts.’

‘Since that case my life has never been the same. The side efforts of the medication gave me Tinnitus, which are continuous rings in both ears and I’m slowly losing my hearing. I have muscle aches most of the time.’

‘I have been fighting the demonic more than half my life, over 36 years, and I can attest to the fact that we are at war. The battle of good versus evil is real and those of us who fight on the frontline of the battlefield can get hurt.’

‘Just like a soldier who is called to fight for their country, we are called by God to serve Him and be willing to put our life on the line for God’s people.’”



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3 Responses to Satan is a Real Entity

  1. Jean marcheschi says:

    Archbishop Ron Feyl, a real warrior for Christ! May the Blessings of the Lord bring him renewed strength, healing, and protection.

  2. Ernesto L. Villavert says:

    St. Michael the Archangel defend our exorcists In Jesus name. Amen.

  3. Terry Barison says:

    I will pray for the Archbishop Ron Feyi and may God bless him .

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