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Britney Spears

  Britney has definitely a clear message primarily for Hollywood and its aspirants. The attentive observer may draw his own conclusions after watching the video …  

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  DELIVERANCE may mean liberation of evil powers.  The Holy Spirit has called me to be a Messenger of His for the End Times.  The role demands commitment  and qualified engagement in DELIVERANCE.  I’m presenting three specific events related to the engagement. The … Continue reading

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Marriage and Family

  I did translate the following article from Hungarian to English, and I am posting it because I deem the article pertinent for the universal family. _________________________________________ Message to Mária Magdolna of Hungary 6 July 2018 I saw that behind … Continue reading

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Trafic Sexuel d’Enfants et Pornographie

  Une adaptation d’un article écrit et publié par Jay Greenberg@NeonNettle, le 5 Juillet 2018. ______________________________________________________________ Skydance MacMahon, 44 ans, du Département d’État Américain, a plaidé coupable de trafic d’enfants du Canada et produit plus de 1 000 images et … Continue reading

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Tráfico Sexual Infantil y Pornografía

  Una adaptación de un artículo escrito y publicado por Jay Greenberg @NeonNettle, el 5 de Julio de 2018. ______________________________________________________________ Skydance MacMahon, de 44 años, del Departamento de Estado de EE. UU. se declaró culpable de traficar niños de Canadá … Continue reading

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Child Sex Trafficking and Pornography

  An adaptation of an article written and published by Jay Greenberg @NeonNettle, on July 5, 2018. ______________________________________________________________ Skydance MacMahon, 44, of the U.S. State Department pleaded guilty to trafficking children from Canada and making more than 1,000 sexually explicit … Continue reading

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Israel and the New World Order

  Satan is powerful but only God is omnipotent.  Never fight with Satan or any other demon, including The Antichrist.  Always avoid Satan, his angels and disciples ― avoid evil is the rule of thumb.  Never participate in any satanic cult, even for … Continue reading

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