Mary Scares Satan






The Virgin Mary is powerful in spiritual warfare because demons hate her and her invocation causes them panic.  Satan does everything to discourage devotion to The Eternal Mother.

God revealed to Satan his ultimate defeat will come from a woman, when he induced Adam and Eve into sin.  Satan is on an annihilation rampage because he knows his time is expiring, and is afraid and angry for the Blessed Mother will crush him. The humble obedience of Mary to God made her powerful beyond limits and replaced Eve’s weakness.


Warriors of St. Michael’s excerpts to contrast Mary to Lucifer:


Lucifer is the most perfect creature by nature; Mary is the most perfect creature by grace.

Lucifer corrupted himself by disobedience; Mary sanctified herself by obedience.

Lucifer wanted to be king, refusing to serve, and in the end became nothing; Mary wanted to be nothing, desiring to serve, and in the end was crowned Queen of Heaven.

The first star, Lucifer, fell from the angelic firmament; the second star, Mary, was elevated.

The first star that was spirit fell to the earth; the second star that was human ascended to Heaven.

Lucifer did not want to accept the Son of God made man; the Blessed Virgin Mary welcomed him into her womb.

Lucifer is a spiritual being who ended up making himself worse than a beast; Mary is a human being that ended up becoming better that an angel.


The late Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Rome exorcist, said the devil admitted he fears the most Christ, Mary, and Saint John Paul II. The exorcist asked Satan, “why do you fear more Mary than Christ?” “I am more humiliated with defeat by a woman than by Christ,” Satan replied.

“Demons exercise two powers over Humanity: ordinary and extraordinary,” said Fr. Amorth. The ordinary power comprises tempting persons to distance them from God and fall into Hell. Satan exercises extraordinary powers focusing on a person: diabolical possession; diabolical vexation such as with Padre Pio, who was physically beaten by Satan; obsessions which can lead to desperation; and the occupation of a home, animal or object.

Young people seeking satanic sects, séances, and drugs are targets of extraordinary occurrences, and Fr. Amorth claimed women outnumber men 3-1, for they are Eve’s descendants and more spiritually tuned than men.



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