Cruelty in America




The Pie Chart is more than a Death Report — it is Cruelty in America — and I’m saddened and mournful with the statistics. The abortion covers about half of the chart, and the nation funded the procedure.  If it takes a village to educate a child then it takes a nation to kill an innocent, defenseless, preborn child.


“Manuel, I know you are so sorrowful, loyal servant of mine, said the Holy Spirit. I command you to write about abortion prior to the upcoming Illumination of Conscience.

“Abortion flares up the wrath of the Almighty Father who is infinitely merciful, but intends to chastise Humanity for abortion.”


Many people sin in an abortion other than the mother and the abortionist … the father, nurses, security guards, judges … and even the clinic receptionist. If the abortion facility is a clinic then the Auschwitz concentration camp should be a hospital.

I sympathize with the children’s mothers for they often suffer from the Post-Abortion Syndrome, and they might feel lonely and depressed before the abortion.

Our Redeemer is about to Illuminate our Conscience to free us from Satan’s claws.  Christ does not want to condemn us, rather to liberate us from Satan and Hell.  Seize God’s mercy!



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  1. paul petit says:

    I will never understand the killing of innocent babies.

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