The Genius of Catholicism






Jesus was born to save us and to teach us a new lifestyle. God calls us to holiness and every event  in our lives is an opportunity to love God and neighbor.

Catholicism reveals us the true meaning and purpose of life — the connection between our daily events and what God invites us through the Church. It is crucial to make the connection between ordinary activities and the dream of God for us. This is The Genius of Catholicism!

The best thing we can do for anyone is to grow in holiness, and the Church consistently stresses this vision.  It’s impossible to fulfill our divine mission and obstruct our brethren in theirs.

Today’s culture lacks a vision for humanity, because we live in a consumer society and are consumed by it.  It is time to think about where our lives are leading us and where God is calling us.  The world leads to confusion and chaos, while Catholicism leads us to joy, order, clarity, and meaningful living.



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  1. Doreen E Cartery says:

    Matthew Kelly has the right message and approach to awaken the Lord’s Truth.

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