Relativism is the most insidious contemporary philosophy. Pope Benedict XVI has commented: “Relativism, which considers all opinions true even if they are contradictory, is the greatest problem of our time.”

Relativism is the theory that there are no absolute truths, but rather all truth is relative. This philosophy is full of contradictions, because the idea that nothing is absolute is itself an absolute statement.  Relativism is generally confined to the areas of morals and ethics.  Most people don’t ponder enough about life and tolerant relativism can unfortunately pave their path through life.  Relativists claim we cannot impose our morality on others; however, there is right and wrong, but relativists won’t concede this.  We must eradicate this philosophy from our lives.

If there is no place for truth then there is no place for Wisdom, which is the ability to discern what is true, good, right, or lasting.  Relativism makes wisdom irrelevant, because it takes wisdom to walk with God.  The world often clouds our judgment; yet, the Church brings clarity, refreshing and liberating, truth to fulfill our lives, and we must seek it with humility and perseverance. Truth enlightens man’s intelligence and shapes his freedom leading him to know and love God.

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