Hellish Tempest


Hellish Tempest is an adaptation of an article written in Portuguese by James Chagas and published in Gospel-Brazil on May 10, 2015. Click on the following internet address to access Tiago Chagas’ article.



The presidential elections in the United States next year will have the liberal discourse of Hillary Clinton, the leading candidate of the Democratic Party. Clinton is the wife of President Bill Clinton and she was Secretary of State was in the first term of the current President Barack Obama.

During a conference on feminism held in New York City, she said governments should use all available means to combat religion. “Deeply rooted cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural phobias need to change. Governments should use their coercive resources to redefine traditional religious dogma,” said Hillary Clinton. Her dictatorial tone received international prominence, with repercussions in Latin countries, Europe and here in Brazil.

According to the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta, Hillary defended abortion as a “woman’s right” and said that contrary opinions formed from religious beliefs are an act of discrimination against women. “The rights must exist in practice, not only on paper. Laws must be backed with real resources,” she said to justify coercion. Mrs. Clinton has referred to abortion as a defense of “sexual and reproductive health,” and said that the movement of the Right to Life needs confrontation.

The impact of Mrs. Clinton’s statements was negative among American Christians. Bill Donohue, representative of the Catholic League of the United States, said that never a candidate for the presidency of the country had positioned herself so clearly against religion. Ed Morrissey, a columnist for HotAir, joked: “A candidate to the US presidency promising to use public resources to end religious beliefs is probably the most sincere progressive slogan of history. The implication that a nation built on the pillar of religious freedom will employ the state’s power to change religious practices is an unprecedented statement.”


Hillary was known to always carry a copy of the Holy Bible in her purse. In 2007, she told CNN that her practice of the faith was a daily exercise for spiritual awakening “does not come naturally,” but arises in the heart when we face adversity: “The existence of suffering calls us to action,” she said.

In 1993 she gave one of hers most eloquent speeches, at the University of Texas, when he said that it was necessary to give a new meaning to politics: “We must gather what we believe to be more correct in morals, ethics and spirituality, and behave in the best possible way with the guidance of God.”

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