Independence from Satan










Your forefathers created one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all. These were men of high ideals, spiritually guided and inspired to create a nation and a civilization to be admired and respected, to set an example for the rest of the world. In exercising their free will under God’s guidance and direction, they created a Constitution and a Bill of Rights for every man, woman, and child to live in freedom in the pursuit of happiness. Yet, among these spiritual men were others who, in the exercise of their free will, chose to put their egos before God and His plan.

However, because your Father in Heaven, your Creator, specifically endowed your lands with the gifts necessary for your country to become truly great in the eyes of the Lord, Satan has been particularly vicious in his cunning and stealth to subjugate the people of this nation under his dominion and control. Unfortunately in these end times, as prophesied by both ancient and modern prophecy, your nation has now fallen under the complete control of the enemy, of the evil one, of Satan, also known as Lucifer; so many are his deceptive disguises to trick you into his servitude.

240 years ago, you declared your independence from tyranny and oppression. Now the tyrants and oppressors have tricked you into believing you are free, for their leader now and then is Satan, the ruler of the dark world, who has seduced and tricked you into being his slave. You were the nation gifted by God to be a powerful example to the rest of the world. Now you have forfeited your position in the eyes of the Lord.

The followers of the evil one are attempting to control and dominate all of the people of the Earth through their control of the banks, your natural resources, your food sources, your means of communication, your educational systems and institutions, and your churches and schools. They are instituting a new world order of global slavery to enforce rules upon you that are intended to further enslave you. You see the fruits of their evil works in their implementation of a draconian health care system designed to enrich the followers of the evil one, while attempting to control all of you.

The deceivers are now planning to enslave and control the entire world by introducing their form of healthcare in your nation to the poorest of nations. Now that they have fully implemented their control over all of you by controlling your healthcare, they will be introducing the system of micro-chipping you, as well as all the inhabitants of the Earth, by requiring you to take this implanted chip in order to receive healthcare. The chips will then be used to mark those who are scheduled for extermination and death as they begin to cull down the population of humans, as if you are all cattle or expendable; and to these minions of the evil one, each and every one of you is expendable, unless you serve a useful purpose in their draconian future world.

You have allowed evil leaders to take over your governments, your institutions, and your schools, where the youngest among you, your very own children, are being brainwashed by the minions of the evil one to serve his evil purposes. These young children are not even permitted to learn or know of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, nor of His Father in Heaven.  Your enemy and the enemy of your Lord and Savior, the evil one, Satan, has placed his followers in positions of power and authority to attempt to reign over all of you in his final challenge to usurp the power and authority of the Creator over humanity.  You are no longer free! You have fallen victim to the tyranny of the oppressors of the world, the followers of Satan. The evil one has given these leaders, who are filled with avarice, greed, and a lust for power, the tools of the demonic world that are now being used to control and enslave all of you.  And it is the greed of the tyrants and oppressors, the global elites of your world, who have set themselves up as more powerful and more worthy than the rest of you in order to assuage their hunger and passion, which is greed through their exercising power and control over the rest of you. But their power does not come from the Father in Heaven, but from the eternal oppressor of all of humanity, the power to which these minions have pledged their allegiance is Satan, the ruler of the dark world, who is the enemy of the Father in Heaven.

You are no longer protected from the worst of the terrorism because of your failure to protect those who are least able to defend themselves, the unborn. The evil one’s greatest claim to victory has been his ability to exercise his dark power and control over the black robed followers who have corrupted and tainted your judicial system by making the culture of death as the law of your land.

The evil one knows that his days are numbered till the direct intervention of the Father in Heaven. Satanic followers fear the loss of their power and control over you. Their desperation makes them even more dangerous in these times, and will ultimately throw the entire world into a third world war, because they now fear the power and retribution of the people, who are becoming increasingly more aware of their dark plans.

Now is the time, America…

  1. To declare your independence from the tyrants and oppressors within your executive, legislative, and judicial systems, who have been doing the work of Satan, knowingly or unknowingly, for the evil one has been so stealthy and devious in taking control of your America that many of his followers do not even recognize to whom they have sworn their allegiance.
  2. To declare your allegiance to the Father in Heaven through His Only Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is with you in Spirit in these times to right the wrongs done to America by Satan and his followers.
  3. To appeal to all secular and religious leaders who are promoting and promulgating a secular New World Order of global governance and a one world religion that is the work of the evil one. Your leaders must reject and repudiate their support of the New World Order and its Agenda 2030, for it is the work of the evil one, Satan, and his followers.
  5. To pray, pray, PRAY TO THE FATHER IN HEAVEN to intervene soon in the affairs of mankind through the intercession of His Son, Your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for now only the intervention of the Father in Heaven through His Son and the power of the Holy Spirit will release mankind from the bondage and yoke of the evil one and his followers.

On Behalf of Our Heavenly Father

Archangel Michael

July 4, 2016



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