A New Paradigm


The choir “O Coral de Santa Catarina” of my village Castelo Branco of the Faial Island in The Azores, Portugal, interpreted a Christmas program. I am proud my village of approximately 1,500 inhabitants has developed a quality choir which participates in solemn Masses and concerts in Portugal.


The Research conducted by the Dynamic Catholic Institute suggests the Church cannot connect the Gospel with the lives of Catholics.

Over 50% of nondenominational church populations are former Catholics, and many churches are enormous.  Millions of former Catholics flock to these churches on Sunday, because they feel welcome — a sense of community — the message speaks to the real issues of their lives continually directed in practical ways to grow spiritually.

The average Catholic judges Mass by the music and the homily. We should improve them, to hamper the drainage of Catholics.  The Dynamic Catholic Institute is developing excellent programs for Lent and Advent, and the administration of sacraments, such as Baptism and Confirmation.

No parish in America has sufficient resources to develop excellent programs.  We must seek the best programs and gather the best minds to develop and transmit economically excellent programs to all American parishes — a new paradigm for a vibrant Church.


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