This is a synopsis of Christ’s Christmas Message to a preeminent mystic.


Time for a decision! All have a free will to choose their path – Heaven or Hell!

Most Prophecies given to Christ’s Prophets and Seers over the last one hundred years will be fulfilled in 2017. Major events will include:

  • War will break out in the Indochina Sea, involving China, Taiwan, Japan and the USA.
  • Revolution will come to the USA surrounding the border of Mexico and the USA.
  • A catastrophic earthquake will occur in Chicago and the Great Lakes.
  • Great Signs and Miracles will be seen with many cures and conversions.
  • The Great Warning is nigh and when it happen the Poles will shift, the Continents will move, many Islands will sink and California will break away from the USA due to a major earthquake.
  • After the Warning there will be peace. All men will know the truth, why men were Created and God’s Plan for the world. The divided Church will then become “One in Truth”.
  • The world will be re-evangelized.
  • The Antichrist will then rise and will introduce the new religion.
  • During this time the last Peter will come, he will not reign as Pope, but as a Bishop to lead the sheep.
  • Men will live more simply during this time as they lived before the Great Wars.
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