Urgent Message from Christ



WILLIAM: I received a Message today from Jesus, while He was exposed in the Monstrance on the Altar. Jesus came through the Host in light and stood on the Altar, as in the Divine Mercy picture. He greeted me and said:

OUR LORD: “Peace My Son! Peace My Angel of Divine Love and Peace, Peace to My children of the world!”

“The world will soon be punished – especially Australia – where many lives will be taken, as the people of Australia have committed many sins.”

WILLIAM: Jesus then said:

OUR LORD: “Tell My Beloved Son, Donald Trump, to take care, for many hate him because he stands strong in my Name. There will be an attempt to assassinate Him soon, so he needs to take much precaution, as his country will soon go into turmoil, as ISIS is in his land and will attack the Nation.”

WILLIAM: Jesus then said:

OUR LORD: “Let the Beatitudes be the way of your life. These Words I spoke of many centuries ago.”

WILLIAM: Jesus then spoke to me about private matters and said how He loved His people. He said to pray for Rome and the one who sits upon the Chair of Peter, as a major event will come to Rome and a great chastisement will be seen in Italy. Jesus then said:

OUR LORD: “Peace to all My children and Peace to you My Angel of Peace, whom men are awaiting.”

WILLIAM: He blessed all and left.


While I was attending Sunday Mass today I thought about William Costellia and a chastisement to Australia prior to reading the message of Christ. Australia, the southern land of the Holy Spirit, is falling under the control of The Antichrist through secretive societies. «Peace to you My Angel of Peace, whom men are awaiting,» refers to William Costellia whose family has undergone a saga of torments imposed by the Australian Judiciary.

Herald to Australia that the Man of God is NOT GUILTY and liberate him and his family immediately from excruciating suffering.  Australians, your land will suffer divine justice — smarten up and embrace the Holy Spirit to reverse your sinful ways and mitigate your chastisement.

Christ also mentioned chastisements in the United States, Italy and the Vatican.

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  1. Gilbert Quadros says:

    Please, keep my family in your daily prayers.

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