Died and Relived





The video contains a stunning account narrated by a man who died, his soul left his body, and relieved, his soul returned to his body. I experienced near death ― I was drowning ― with a glimpse of the spiritual world.  The aviator’s experience transcends near death, because he was dead for some time.

Observe a spiritual struggle between the powers of light and darkness after death. We would likely hate the spiritual struggle; therefore, we should live holy lives to embrace Christ when we depart from this world to enter into the spiritual realm.

The reader may wonder about my near death experience, and consequently I present you some generic features. My body reacted strongly to drowning but after a short time accommodated the experience and I felt supreme peace and harmony that we cannot encounter on Earth.  At some point I could see, but I could not hear, and felt endowed with infinite knowledge, my body weightless and my soul about to abandon my body just before my rescue.  Near death experiences vary among people, therefore live till God calls you.



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