Blessed Mother and Abortion


Our Lady of Anguera 12/05/1987

 “My dear children, I cry because of the sins of each one of you. I cry also because of the crimes committed by mothers who abort their babies. This is a great sin. A baby who did not ask to be born is murdered by its own mother: what an ugly thing. Abortion is a crime. My children, this makes me very sad!”


Our Lady of Anguera 04/11/1989

“Dear children, I want to speak to you once more about abortion, this terrible crime committed by so many persons and even legalized in many countries. Even nations of ancient Christian tradition have come to the point of legitimating the assassination of babies still in their mothers´ wombs. This is one of the principal causes of the lack of peace in the world. Pray much that this injustice be no longer committed.”


Our Lady of Anguera 04/09/2012

“…I ask you to be defenders of life. Make the defense of life your principal daily program. Say no to the death of the innocent. Humanity is sick and walks about spiritually blind. I suffer because of what is coming for you. The Land of Santa Cruz will live moments of great affliction. Men have challenged the Creator and are moving toward a great abyss. Love Love. Love life and allow this marvelous gift to grow and flower in your hearts.”

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