Endangered World



OUR LORD: “Peace be to you, My son! I have come to console you and those whom you love. You have gone through many trials this week and in the past month, as the enemy is trying to discredit My Holy Mother’s Work in you – but fear not, I and My Holy Mother are with you and you are surrounded by myriads of Angels led by Saint Michael, to protect you from any danger.”

“The battle rages against you, because you are My Prophet of the End Times. The events to purify the Earth are near and many signs will be given to mankind, to wake them up. As the war of the spirits increases, so will the Third World War be engaged, as men live lives of hatred rather than love and the Commandments given to them from My Father. All that you are engaged with at this time will lead you to victory, which was promised to you by My Holy Mother.”

“My Soldiers of Truth must now walk hand in hand, holding onto their ‘Weapons of Truth’ – The Word of God – the Holy Sacraments and the Holy Rosary.”

“A Great Conflagration is approaching in My House upon Earth, where the Red Hats and the Purple Hats will divide and Pope Francis will be removed, as a sign to all that My enemy, the Antichrist, will enter the public arena.”

“I will now send signs at all the Holy Places on Earth, so that man knows My Word is Truth.”

“The scourge will now come upon the Earth – FIRE! The Nations of the Northern Hemisphere will suffer with EXTREME HEAT! As the Southern Hemisphere will suffer BITTER COLD, the Earth’s crust will crack in many places and devastation will be seen.”

“As a Warning to the United States of America, one of their aircraft carriers will be missiled, to show the Western World that the Great War is looming against the free world. Only prayers will save mankind!”

“As I have told you for many years, danger will come from outer space, from within your Solar System. Only prayers will avert this menace, as man must be returned to a life of simplicity, love and faithfulness to the True Teachings of My Eternal Father.”

“This is all for now, My precious son. Continue to walk forward – I am always with you.”

“I Bless you and all My children throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.”


I have bolded the part of Christ’s Warning to the United States of America.

Click on the internet link below to retrieve Christ’s full message.



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