Trump Military Quagmire


I have gained some experience about Communism in the aftermath of the 1974 Portuguese Revolution, when I was a young officer in the Portuguese Air Force. “Communists generally overlook means to attain goals,” epitomizes my communist experience.

President Xi-Jinping of Communist China visited the United States this April and informed the US Administration about the Chinese position relating warfare on the Korean Peninsula. Xi stressed:

“China adheres to the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula and insists on preserving peace and stability on the peninsula. China advocates peaceful means to resolve the issue, and is willing to maintain communication and coordination with the US on the Korean Peninsula issue.”

This is peaceful music that paradoxically scares my ears… China intends to become the sole superpower of the future and an American military fiasco with North Korea would facilitate the goal. China has reportedly ordered its army to be on nationwide alert and deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border. What is the real motivation for the move since China and North Korea were recent allies?  Russia is also sending troops and equipment to the border with North Korea.

There are fears thousands of refugees would cross into Russia and China if the America preemptively strikes North Korea’s nuclear facilities. Are China and Russia ready for a potential humanitarian role?

The Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB chief, dreams with the former Soviet Union and an American military fiasco in the Korean Peninsula would facilitate the Russian invasion of Europe and the annexation of former soviet states.

North Korea is increasingly dangerous to the world with the expansion of nuclear capabilities. America has some options to deter such expansion, and should opt to destroy North Korea’s nuclear facilities with minimum human casualties.


Click below for an open letter to President Trump concerning China and Russia.

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