World War III Has Started


Christ visited a preeminent seer this week to discuss events of World War III (WWIII).


Jesus said that World War III had already started but it was only in its infancy, the Nuclear War would only come just prior to His Second Coming as part of the final cleansing, joined with the Comet that will hit the Earth.

Jesus said there would be some nuclear detonations set upon mankind soon which saddens Heaven very much, but the War that will now move fast upon the World will be through conventional Weapons including Missiles. Nations will be annihilated just as Our Holy Mother has said in Fatima.

Jesus said Mankind would be destroyed, if the Nuclear War broke out in full.

Jesus finally said many prayers are needed because the World is in danger — that as a sign to all His Children, when the event is near — the money will crash. People should not fear because God controls everything. Men must trust in God’s Love but they should pray…


My first impression of Christ’s message is the brief unfolding of apocalyptical events, a fact the Holy Spirit instilled in my mind early on and I have communicated it to you. There are people insisting the Apocalypse is just fiction.  No, there will be a New Heaven and New Earth upon Christ’s Second Coming.  Prepare Humanity to welcome your Savior … Approach God immediately!

Christ recommended prayer and trust in God.  Conversion, Penance and Prayer are urgently needed to mitigate undesirable apocalyptical events and ensure ― The Meaning of Life ― our personal salvation.

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