Christ Harbingers His Return


Jesus gave an extremely important message to a preeminent seer on July 7, 2017.  The message has both temporal and eternal contents, and this essay covers only the temporal, mundane content.


“The Great War is in waiting. Men must now turn away from sin. An attack upon the Free Nations is imminent. An aircraft carrier will be hit by a missile, and then all will begin. Men must pray – turn to God and ask for forgiveness.”

“The danger is approaching, the world will soon be visited by the Asteroid, that lurks into deep space – known by the World Power Scientists, but hidden from the public ―  but not hidden by My Eyes.”

“The Sun will dance and throw off many fire rays that will burn the Earth, causing major disruption to your satellites and the power grid, bringing mankind to their knees.”

“The volcanoes will throw out lava on many Cities. The Dam in the United States will break, as a warning sign that the great earthquake will come, severing a large part of the mainland. These will be signs to you that the end is near.”

“My Church will fall under its current Leadership, as the Freemasons take hold of the Barque of Peter – as the One who sits upon the Throne has misled My people and with that, has misled the Cardinals and Bishops. All this happened because men refuse to listen to the Prophets and Seers I have sent to the world to correct Mankind.”


Christ signaled the beginning of World War III. Will a North Korean missile hit an American aircraft carrier?  A Chinese missile is also possible in the Chinese sea because of island disputes.  America should develop a contingency plan for the eventuality.

How will Humanity cope with the Sun and the asteroid threats?  Astrophysicists should draw the first contingency plans and keep Humanity informed as astronomic events warrant.

Earth is already under increasing volcanic activity, and the Dam in the United States probably refers to the Oroville Dam complex in California. The dam brake is a warning of an upcoming great earthquake which will severe a large part of the mainland.  We might cope with the dam brake, but the great earthquake is a serious threat.  The catastrophes are harbingers of the end of the world, as we know it, and Christ’s Second Coming.

The Roman Catholic Church will undergo The Greatest Schism, and then The Antichrist will replace Pope Francis.

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