Holy Spirit’s Message


The Holy Spirit gave the following message to the future and last Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Peter II, on August 5, 2017.  The message features all characteristics of good information: complete, accurate, reliable and timely.

Heed to the Holy Spirit’s message:

“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men.” (Matthew 12:31)


 HOLY GHOST: “Write, My son. I AM WHO AM – I Am the Beginning and the End. I have come today, My son, because I am drawn to My children who need assurance at this time, because the world is in such a terrible state, as sin has entered the Earth, in spite of My Great Love and Mercy for men.”

“My children have forsaken Me and have gone astray. It is for this reason I come with My Spirit, to awaken men’s consciences – as time is so short for mankind – before I let My Wrath fall upon an unrepentant world.”

“Come to Me, My children – your souls are in need of My Mercy and forgiveness. Be not afraid to approach Me, for I am Meek and Humble of Heart and only seek your good and your eternal salvation. Use these last moments of your earthly time for good; turn your gaze to Me, for I hunger for your love. I search your hearts and wish to turn them into hearts of love, as many of you have hearts of stone.”

Note: Refer to the Mercy Package.


“The world hangs on a thread before it is cut loose, as man is heading for a great cataclysm. The Asteroid draws near the Earth – because sin draws it – to cleanse the Earth, bringing forth much destruction, as man continues to live as if there were no tomorrow, committing atrocious sins – breaking all My Commandments. And the main Commandment broken is: ‘Thou Shall not have other god’s before Me – Thou shalt not worship false gods. And who are these gods, My children: Self, egoism, money, power, idolatry. From these come the rest of human weaknesses.”

Note: Refer to the article The Meaning of Life.


“Do not worship false gods. And who are these gods, my children: oneself, selfishness, money, power, idolatry. From these come the rest of human weaknesses.”

“The Words of the Savior, Jesus Christ, are laid aside – Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself.”

“My beloved child, the Great War in the North and the East is about to be unleashed, where millions of children will perish. The foolishness of prideful men will bring this about.”

Note: Refer to the World War III Package.


“Pray, My children, pray! Ask mercy for your brothers and sisters, even for those who have separated from you – even those who hate and despise you. All are My children – the good and the wicked.”

“The Holy Rosary given to you by My Immaculate Daughter, Mary, is the Holy Weapon that can conquer all.”

“O Israel! O Israel! Read the Words given to you over many centuries by My Prophets. The time of Daniel is here – you shall be wasteland then you will return to the worship of the True Messiah, the Son of God – Jesus Christ.”

Note: Refer to the PSALM 83 Package and the Gog Package.


“To My Church on Earth: Over two thousand years I have sent you the Prophets of the Gentiles to prepare you for these days – to prepare the Church for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ – yet you condemn the Prophets – you heed them not.”

Note: Refer to the Second Coming Package.


“You have been warned about the Word given to St John the Evangelist in his writings of the Apocalypse, yet you do not recognize the signs – yet they are plain to see, that the Coming of the Son of God in His Return is near.”

Note: Refer to the article Apocalypse and the article Signs of the End.


“The one who sits on the Throne of Peter is not from Me. He is a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – he misleads My people.”

“My Sacred Presence in the Holy Eucharist is mocked and desecrated so many times. My people do not receive their God in the Body and Blood, in the Sacrifice of Divine Love, worthily. The Teaching of My Spirit in My House upon Earth has been changed, to suit those who are not of the Apostolic Fold, to bring forth false Ecumenism.”

Note: Refer to the article Eucharist.


“The Holy Word of God has been changed and given a new meaning. My children are not taught the Commandments – they are not taught Heaven or Hell or Purgatory. They are not taught about sin and the need to cleanse your souls in the Sacrament of Confession.”

Note: Refer to the article Penance.


“My servants, the teachers of My Church, teach very little truth to lead My children to the understanding of Divine Truths, but rather preach about worldly matters. The leaders of My House upon Earth have allowed the Smoke of Satan to enter it, allowing Satan and his workers, who belong to the Secret Sects of Freemasonry, the Illuminati and Witchcraft, to take over the House of God, to draw all men to worship Satan and his false Antichrist.”

Note: Refer to the Satan Package and the Antichrist Package.


“The Church founded by Jesus Christ will now be split and those who truly worship Me, will be thrown out, while the false human church remains, as an empty shell.”

Note: Refer to the article The Greatest Schism.


“Hear My Voice through My new John the Baptists – My Prophets, Seers and Visionaries. The time is ripe for the harvest.”

“Pray, My children, Pray! I, as your Loving Father, will watch over you. I will gather you into My Kingdom – the Kingdom of Peace – that will soon come with the arrival of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, with His Holy Mother, Mary, with the Angels and Saints. And the Sign shall be seen in the Heavens, to show mankind that the time of the Great Tribulation has come and the Dawn of the New Age is not far off.”

Note: Refer to the article The Great Tribulation and the article The New Era.


“Take courage, My children, for I am always with you. I send My Divine Spirit throughout the whole Kingdom on Earth and the Universe, for the Sixth Seal will soon be opened, so that man will truly know that I AM WHO AM.”


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