Illumination of Conscience Preparation






Extract from  a message given by the Blessed Mother to Luz de Maria on August 23, 2017


I CALL YOU TO THE URGENCY OF INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL PREPARATION for the Illumination of Conscience.  The pain of the soul will be unimaginable because no sin will remain hidden. I mourn because even with this act of Divine Mercy and opportunity for the salvation of Humanity, some persons will rebel and persecute My children.




I have written four packages to prepare you for the Illumination of Conscience.

Click on the four hyperlinks below to retrieve their respective packages.


Gospel Package

Mercy Package

Sister Faustina Package

Warning Package


You will have a private audience with Our Savior, Jesus Christ, who has a sublime personality revealed in the Gospel Package.  It will increase your knowledge of Christ before the Illumination of Conscience.

The Mercy Package will open your soul to the infinite mercy of God, who wants to liberate you to enjoy His Kingdom.

The Sister Faustina Package attests to the Kingdom.   Sister Faustina is the Secretary of Divine Mercy.

The Warning Package covers The Warning and Illumination of Conscience.



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2 Responses to Illumination of Conscience Preparation

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you Manuel, These messages, I do believe to be true. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I feel that Jesus is speaking these days. I believe, but I do not know for sure, that He is telling me to concentrate of each moment as it comes so as not to fill up with anxiety. My desire is to be an instrument for Good for God. I hope in some small way I can keep it up. Thank you Jesus for your words of warnings through your Saints here below. May Our Lady’s Heart Triumph asap! God save us all!

    • Do not worry about what you cannot control. The Illumination of Conscience will show us God’s mercy and grace; therefore, anticipate the event with joy. Live in the house of the Lord all the days of your life!

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