Sound the Alarm!






The Blessed Mother gave an alarming message to a preeminent mystic on September 1st, 2017.  Brethren, awake from your religious stupor …




OUR LADY: “How can I not cry, My son, as I know what will befall man, as mankind are now within the Great Tribulation and these sorrows, as have happened with Hurricane Harvey, are only small in comparison to what is coming.”

“The world is pointing the finger at other Nations and saying I am glad this is not happening in my country. But, My children, this is not so and will not be so, as far worse will come to your Nations, even to this country, Australia.”

“All of this, My son, is because men are disobedient to God. They have forsaken their God, My Divine Son Jesus. I call on My children to take up their cross and follow My Divine Son; follow Me, your Heavenly Mother, who will help you in these trying moments for the struggle of your souls.”

“I call on My children to unite with Me in daily prayer. It is time to pray My beads of the Flame of Love and the Rosary of the Precious Blood of My Divine Son. Call on the Precious Blood to cover you and your family, to sanctify you. Increase your moments in My Son’s House; receive Him in the Sacraments while you can, because soon the churches will close and you will need to search out My beloved Priest-sons in the Modern Catacombs of the Houses of Prayer, scattered around the world.”

“You, My beloved son, My Seventh Trumpet, will now proceed to the next part of your Mission, as other parts are on hold, to some degree, as the Church awaits the Trumpet to show them what must be done in these crucial moments.”

“The Church will now divide, as the world goes into convulsions. Men must not be afraid who love their God, for the Holy Angels are there to protect His children.”

“O son, I know the evil one has attacked you much – as he is Our children who serve My Divine Son and I, your Mother – but We are always by your side – you only have to call on us.”

“The road now, for Our beloved children and Priest-sons, will be very difficult, as the Man of Perdition will make himself known to mankind.”

“Prayer is the Weapon of Truth – more powerful than any creation of man. Love, children – love is more powerful than hate – gather all those you love, your family, your children, your friends and tell them all of My Divine Son’s Great Love for them and His Great Sacrifice He offered for them and all of mankind.”

“Pray, My beloved children, for men will be confronted with their greatest fears, as the Earth and men will clash, where the Heavens will fall, as fire enters its atmosphere.”

“All that the Prophets of Old and New have given to man will now unfold, until the Great Warning appears in the Heavens. Prepare your households; bring in food and water with your holy items of love, as time is speeding towards all that Heaven has revealed. We Love you, Our children and send Our Blessings to you from the Triune God of Love and Peace.”

“The Great War is at the door; Australia is not far from the great Chastisement as Our children are like those of old, when all was swept away – as they were marrying and celebrating all that is not of God, so that they can enjoy the sins of the flesh with no care in the world, believing they are untouchable.”

“Read the Word of God, then you will learn what is to befall this generation, as My Words given to you by My Father in Heaven, have been ridiculed and ignored at My Holy Place, discarded by My children – these Precious Words given to you through My holy son, whom you know as My Little Rock. Time is now moving forward where all of My Words given to you in Australia, will be fulfilled. The events in the U.S.A. are only a small part of God’s Hand falling down upon an unrepentant world. The same – and even worse – will now come to this Nation, Australia;, until My children turn to My Divine Son in repentance.”

Continue now, My son and My faithful children, to go forward in the Light of My Divine Son, Jesus. I Love you, My son William, My Envoy Angel of Divine love for humanity. I send My Blessing to Pope Benedict – the True Vicar of My Divine Son. His time to flee Rome is near, as Rome will be devastated very soon, as the Earth will quake; the armies will march. Pray for Benedict; pray for My faithful Priest-sons and Religious Sisters who are faithful to God.”

The Eclipse of the Church is near and the Renewal of Faith is also near, as men will finally see what they have done, as their minds and hearts will be illuminated to the truth of My Divine Son, Jesus, who is the True Messiah, the Son of the Living God. Praised be to God the Most High – as I am the Handmaiden of the Lord. Continue to march forward, My Remnant Church.”

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12 Responses to Sound the Alarm!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Only faith in Christ and His blessed Mother will carry us through these very frightening times!

  2. Mike Aparo says:

    Is this a verbatim reporting of our Lady’s words? The really bad grammar makes it hard to believe:
    “O son, I know the evil one has attacked you much – as he is Our children who serve My Divine Son and I, your Mother – but We are always by your side – you only have to call on us.”

  3. universalplanb says:

    Surely this message is FALSE! The Apostasy in Rome is NOT the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ! The sponsor this type of false messages to foster their false authority and increase mass hysteria! We are not deceived!

  4. Janet says:

    Ah is this Little Pebble. Yes another false prophet! lord have mercy.

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