Earthquake Prophecy


Oren hijos Míos, oren por Estados Unidos, padece fuertemente por la Naturaleza que le estremece.

Pray my children, pray for the United States, because the nation grieves from earthquakes.


I often visit the website Revelations Marianas given to Luz de María because of its excellent catholic content including prophetic events.  The Spanish section of the site on the edition of September 20, 2017, contains a prophecy about earthquakes in America.


Man lives in the midst of the convulsion of the world, which keeps him in constant expectation. The repeated events to which man has been subjected will increase with the intensity that man has never seen or lived.

Beloved children, the earth is struck by the consequences of sin. Humanity will become more violent, it will be totally disrespectful, it will invade the Temples and it will destroy them. This is the product of the man without God, of the man who has been given a new opportunity to continue sinning, of the man who has been denied that God judges, of the man who has been mentioned that sin is forgiven even without feeling pain for sin and that God is love.

My beloved children must be children of prayer, love, charity, constancy, hope,  compassion and witnesses to the humility of their Lord and their God.

You, My children, have to prepare properly to receive My Son in the Eucharist and repent of your sins and must try not to make the same mistakes. Do not receive My Son in the Eucharist if you are not properly prepared.

Transform your life in the way of personal salvation and that of your brothers. Do not wait, turn around, this is the right moment.

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