Asteroid Impact



This is part of an open letter, wise and pragmatic, a seasoned mystic wrote on September 22, 2016. 


Much information has been made available to the public, not only through our website, but also around the world relating to an imminent impact of an asteroid currently on a collision course with earth.

This information has been compounded, not only by seers around the world, but astronomers and scientists connected to various observation authorities.

However, I wish to make it clear – most of the seers of the world only transmit their visions with no specific time frame other than to reveal that this event, as with many others, will happen.

The technical details given by those with knowledge of such matters simply confirm what God has revealed.

There was a Prophet called Jonah who did not want to prophecy about the destruction of Nineveh. The Hand of God was delayed in its execution, but in the end, Gods Word was fulfilled!

I hear of seers, and others, distancing themselves from dates being given because they are afraid the events may pass without being fulfilled. I say this clear, don’t attack the messenger, he or she only supports God’s Word.

The material that is being offered through our website and transmitted around the world through other websites is being used by other good intended souls. Be assured, these details are factual details, not fiction. However, it is important to know that this asteroid is not the Great Warning and has nothing to do with the Rapture. This is just one of the precursors to the Warning. The main reason for this and any chastisement is to bring souls to God. Mankind is being called to repentance.

The asteroid is heading our way, whether it hits our earth or not, or is even destroyed before it gets here, Jesus says to prepare for it, so as children who love Jesus, we obey.

Jesus wants His children to be prepared always spiritually and physically. To continue faithfully with our daily life and duties, as this is the main message at all times.


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