Reserved Name: Pope Peter II


The reference in the video to the last pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope petPeter II  intrigued me.  How did the author, who claimed to be a prophet, learned about the name?

I penned the  Pope Peter II Package when the Holy Spirit directed me to develop a blog to assist Christians to prepare for Christ’s Second Coming.  The name Pope Peter II caused immediate rejection from some laymen and clergymen.  They argued that no pope, except Saint Peter, had chosen the name Peter ― to honor the first pope  and the tradition would continue…   Pope Peter II is a reserved name!

How did I predict that the last pontiff would be Pope Peter II?  Refer to the article Dialogue with the Holy Spirit

“Manuel, I am the Holy Spirit and I had revealed to you that ‘your suffering is your treasure’. God wants to forge an alliance with you that Satan won’t dare to challenge.  Surrender to Me and I will guide you in your mission.”


The video author asserted that Pope Peter II would probably be Saint Peter himself who would govern the Roman Catholic Church from Heaven.  I do not believe so!  Refer to Election of Pope Peter II.

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