Youth Saturates Hell


Christ mentioned that “Youth Saturates Hell” to Luz de María on His message of September 28, 2017.


MY CHURCH HAS BEEN CONTAMINATED AND MY CHILDREN WHO HAVE NOT MADE AN EFFORT TO KNOW ME TRULY ARE EASY PREY FOR WHATEVER IDEOLOGY OR FALSE DOCTRINE ARISES. Hell is full of creatures who have omitted the truth and have embraced false ideologies, surrendering to Satan and all that evil represents for them. The youth, principally, have become fanatical about evil and its different diabolical forms of modernism, accepting the base instincts with which evil scourges man, awakening base instincts in order to rebel against Me.


Hedonism, Relativism and EVIL Secularism are examples of ideologies or doctrines that lead Humanity into Hell, particularly youth vulnerable to peer pressure. The Gospel Package, a component of Beware of the Warning, presents us the life of Christ so that we might know and love Him, and so avoid false ideologies. Wake up Youth and seek the advice of wise and knowledge elders who Fear of the Lord!

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