Respect Life


This is a message from Christ to the prophet John Leary on October 1, 2017.


Jesus said: “My people, I thank your people for honoring all of My creations of man and woman made in My image with free will. You should treat all lives with respect from those formed in the womb until those who die. You are killing a million babies in the womb every year by abortion. This is denying the right to life to these defenseless little ones. The guardian angels of the aborted children come before Me to testify to their deaths. It is this sin of abortion that has brought My wrath down upon America.  At the other end of your lives, you have some states that allow euthanasia. Even when you have laws that allow such taking of life, these killings are still mortal sins in My eyes. My people need to respect life in all of the various countries, and pray for a stoppage of abortion and euthanasia. Your lives are all equal to Me, so treat every life as precious in your eyes.”


The Pro-Life Package includes articles such as The Consul of Bordeaux and Pro-Choice Buster.  I have posted the latter article on the website of a Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life Group. There are several sites about this topic on Facebook.

One group member asked me: What has the article Pro-Choice Buster to do with Abortion?  The article depicts a strain dog rescuing a natal infant abandoned on a trash dump.  I replied: Darling, your group debates Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life, and in a democracy the group administrator should allow comparable antenna time to both supporters of life and of death.  The site reflected a nest of abortion adepts who used a misleading website title to trap and brainwash life supporters.  I have been discriminated in Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life websites because I have shown Fear of the Lord.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus Christ ― our savior and judge ― asserts: “It is this sin of abortion that has brought My wrath down upon America.”  Where’s Fear of the Lord?Shouldn’t we ponder about abortion amid cataclysms chastising America?

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