Repent: Christ is Coming


This is part of Christ’s Message to The Little Pebble on November 25, 2017.

Open your mind and heart to our Redeemer’s poignant message and let repentance in the world start with you.


OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace, My brother, My son of predilection. I come today as the Bridegroom of My Mystical Body, calling My children to the Wedding Feast that is to take place very soon.”

“My beloved sheep, they know Me as I know My sheep. I am sending out the invitation to My Banquet, as the time is ready for the harvest.”

“Be not afraid, My children, for I am the Good Shepherd watching over you in these trying times I will now begin to shorten the hours of the day and week, so that My children will not succumb under the weight of My Cross. Mankind will now approach the final stages of the Tribulation, before I come as Judge in My Second Coming.”

“My Father’s Hand will now strike this world of ungrateful men – one will be taken, while another will remain.”

“My Kingdom of the New Heavenly Jerusalem is waiting to descend upon this world, once it has been purified. It will be first seen in the Heavens as an astonishment to the world, that believe this world was to be invaded by Aliens, when in fact, it is My Blessing to man. But for now, My children must prepare their souls, spirits and hearts – cleanse them through the gift of Confession – and seek Me out often — receiving Me worthily in My Eucharistic Presence.”

“I long for My Inheritance, which is you, My little sheep! The punishment will be severe, as men flaunt the life of sin, disregarding the Ten Commandments handed down to Moses. What has become of this generation? Do you believe God will simply close His Eyes to all the grave sins committed against Him and to mankind? Sin remains sin – no matter how much you cover it up with novelties and Pagan worshipping.”

“Australia: You will suffer for accepting to break the Laws of God. God did not create Adam and Steve – but Adam and Eve. God did not give mankind the right to take life, because of age or pain. God did not give man the right to abort the unborn. All these abominations are criminal offences against God and man and many other sins of idolatry, promiscuity, anger, violence and many more sins, caused the destruction of the people in the time of Noah – the Great flood – which swept many away to Hades. The same [happened] with Sodom, Gomorrah and Nineveh – and many more such cities over the centuries. Sin is sin and only repentance and forgiveness will cleanse this.”

“The great sacrilegious occurrences in the Vatican and throughout the Church continue, with Holy Priests and the faithful being persecuted for upholding the True Teachings from My Word. The abomination of abominations with the House of Holies is near, when the axe will cut the Tree of Life to the root, so that the sheep will be separated from the goats.”

“My Great Act of Mercy is near – the Illumination of Conscience – so that all men of all Faiths and Creeds will know the Truth – even those who do not believe or practice a faith, will finally know the Greatest Mystery of all – God!”

“Continue to watch the Sun and the Moon. The Sun will seem to come closer to the Earth as the Moon’s rotation will change, causing men great fear – for these signs will be witnessed so man will surely know the end of this world is near and the Coming of the Messiah has arrived.”

“My dear young people and man in general: What will you do when your technology has crashed – your satellites are removed and your current way of living – especially of trade-communications and economics – has collapsed? How will you work? What will you do? How will you earn your income?”

“It is time to re-think, My children. You will need to return to the old ways of your Fathers and Forefathers, as food will be short. It is not that technology is bad – no, My children, it is because man has relied on technology for everything but has placed God aside – has made technology their God. It has enslaved mankind – it has been abused. Mankind have become unspiritual children and replaced everything with paganism in thought, practice and beliefs. God Created man in His Image and Likeness: Intelligent, spiritual – with purity and dignity. Man can achieve all heights if he works with God.”

“The Church is about to crumble, for the False Prophet is entertaining the arrival of the Antichrist in the world and in the Church.”

“Terrorism will once again rage in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States of America. Do not believe the enemy sleeps. No, My children, he prowls the world to devour your souls.”

“My Beloved Mother, Mary, is calling all men to repentance, to prayers and change of life – to serve God and prepare all men for the coming heavy tribulations. Fires, floods and earthquakes will rule the land of Australia. Japan will have a major earthquake, causing nuclear damage. Desolation will be seen in all the lands. The money will be seen crashing, leaving people with no food – and hunger. Know this, that this will be a sign to you the Great War is to begin.”

Pray, pray, pray, My children. Never be troubled or afraid, as I, your Loving Savior, My Most Holy Mother and the Blessed Angels, are always awaiting your call. Let this Christmas be a true Christmas of love, forgiveness and faith – for many will not celebrate it as it should be, and many will perish.”

“Child, you are My Angel of Divine Love. Your cross has been very heavy in these past months, shared by those close to you. Know We are always with you and this time will soon pass and turn to good. As your Bridegroom of Everlasting Life, I Bless you and all of My children of goodwill, who will soon enter the gates of good fortune, to be seated at My Table.  In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”


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