The Apple of God’s Eye



I am succinctly presenting the political backdrop of the contemporary Israel-Palestinian conflict.




Israel is the world’s only Jewish state, and it controls Palestine whose Arab Muslim population wants to establish the state of Palestine in the land. The conflict is about ownership and control of the land.

The current political conflict began in the early 20th century. Jews fleeing persecution in Europe wanted to establish a national homeland in an Arab and Muslim majority territory of the British Empire. The Arabs resisted and early United Nations plan to give each group part of the land failed, and Israel and the surrounding Arab nations fought over the territory. It largely reflects the outcomes of the 1948 and 1967 wars.

The 1967 war is particularly important for today’s conflict, because it left Israel in control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, two territories with large Palestinian populations. Israel captured, among other territories, the Gaza Strip from Egypt and the West Bank from Jordan, including East Jerusalem. Israel asserted sovereignty over the entire city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem were given a permanent resident status in Israel. The status of the city as Israel’s capital and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip created a new set of contentions.



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