Power of the Holy Spirit


The Almighty Father instructs the Remnant Church to surrender to the Power Holy Spirit in The Great Spiritual War.


Brethren, do you know we are the generation of Christ Second Coming? Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?  His Power can strengthen us to surmount The Antichrist and  his disciples in The Great Spiritual War?

What is our spiritual temperature?  Are we Cold, Lukewarm, or Hot by the Power of the Holy Spirit?  Beware of Hell if you are either Cold or Lukewarm.  The Antichrist is already on Earth working overtime to guide us into Hell.

Do you know The Meaning of Life? It is Heaven!  Christ has sent the Holy Spirit to guide us to Heaven.  I have written about the Holy Spirit because He has recruited me as Messenger of the Holy Spirit for The End Times.  Consult the Divine Call Package.  The Holy Spirit wants to guide us against evil in the spiritual war.

My blog is dedicated to the Holy Spirit.  I especially recommend the Gifts Package to empower us to triumph in The Great Spiritual War.

Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth!

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