Prophetic Word for 2018


The Almighty gives us a prophetic Word for 2018 to guide the Remnant Church to Heaven.  “America will bound her knees pretty soon,” is paramount to the message.  How will this happen if hearts will harden in America?  There are two ways:  (1) Conversion, Penance and Prayer and (2) Chastisement.  The first way requires intelligence and humility and the second lacks both, but humility arises as the chief outcome of chastisement.  HUMILITY is the basically our recognition of our dependency on God.  Chastisement urges us to examine our desolate condition and acknowledge that our strength and happiness rests in God.  Then we return to God as the biblical Prodigal Son.

A big earthquake will crack California in 2018, not the big one, another two earthquakes will ensue later on, and volcanos will also erupt in 2018. God is particularly sad with abortion in the state, and the article Beware California is my sincere call to Californians to realize that abortion is a great crime in the Court of God.

Civil unrest will increase in America in 2018 as birth pains increase in frequency and intensity ― a sign that Christ Second Coming is nigh.  Americans are their worst enemies,  we should unite ourselves amidst World War III instead of generating internal conflict,  because our nation will have to cope with both domestic and foreign enemies.  Americans, why such bickering and turmoil in America as the world we know is about to end?

The Almighty Father will cleanse the Earth in anticipation of The New Era, and He will call His Remnant Church to sanctuaries of protection away from big cities.  Our generation of Christ Second Coming is ironically more evil than Noah’s generation.  Remnant Church, Heed to Your Savior and dress the Full Armor of God!  America will ultimately dress the Full Armor of God and restore her global supremacy.

The New Church will arise and take her place once again in 2018 like she did in the beginning.  Brethren, anticipate a New Pentecost at the church rebirth!

Happy New Year!

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