Antichrist Coming Soon


The video mentions a beautiful Antichrist, a fallen angel, which will debut after World War III pretending to be the Messiah.

The article False Christs presents two rules of thumb for personal evasion from the influence of The Antichrist.  Observe that Christ is the Messiah promised to Israel, and The Antichrist, the son of Satan, will be a master of lie and deceit opposing Christ.  The Antichrist will sign a 7 YEAR TREATY with Israel and many other nations to end World War III, which closes with the war of Gog & Magog, and begets a false peace.


I have presented this because it depicts fairly my writings about The Antichrist.  Yes, He will be a very handsome man, attractive man with superior languages skills and persuasive, magnetic power.  Yet, I object to the video narrator as to the color of the eyes and hair of the Antichrist, because my research indicates he will be born in the Middle East, possibly Egypt, form a Hebrew woman.

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