God’s Judgments on Abortion


Reverse Roe vs Wade immediately or risk reckoning from God soon because He is very serious about abortion.  Beware California because the state has the worst Pro-Life record in America.

God will soon chastise California with a big earthquake to warn us that abortion is the murder of the children He has created at His image.  If we don’t repent and ban abortion,  God will send crescendo judgments to America until we hit the abysm of desolation and then rush to Reverse Roe vs Wade.

One can read on Peter Elama’s page in a message from Christ on December 28, 2017:

“My people, today’s feast of the Holy Innocents honors all the babies who were killed by King Herod in Bethlehem. This was all about Herod’s pride because he was trying to kill Me to avoid another king taking his throne. My Kingship is spiritual as well as physical, and I am King of the Universe, despite what people believe. You had another holocaust in the killing of millions of Jews in World War II. But your worst holocaust is the killing of millions of babies in abortion. It is because of this killing of the babies in the womb, that America will pay a great price. You are seeing more natural disasters, as your fires, snow storms, and frigid cold weather, as a punishment for your sins. So remember to keep praying to stop your abortions, and your Supreme Court decision that is a testimony against you. I am reminding you how I will stop your abortions, if you do not do it on your own. You do not even have death certificates for these dead babies. Life is too precious to take away, so stop all of your abusive killings.”

“My people, as you celebrate the feast of the Holy Innocents, pray for all mothers who plan to abort their babies, that they could have a change of heart to allow their babies to live. These lives are so precious, and I want to save them from the abortionist. When you see the little babies at birth, they are so cute, and you wonder how anyone would want to kill them. Keep praying to stop the abortion of My little ones.”

 “My people, you are suffering from colder temperatures than normal, and you need to dress well to avoid any frostbite or overexposure to the cold. When you plan to come to the March for Life on January 22, you need to bring warm clothes, water, and some food, in case you have an emergency on the road. Check the forecast so you can get to your destination safely. Remember to pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer both before and after your trip. I thank all of My faithful for giving testimony against your abortion decision in the Supreme Court, when you come to this March for Life.”

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3 Responses to God’s Judgments on Abortion

  1. Anonymous says:

    I truly feel sorry for simple people who believe this crap, that more abortions = more natural disasters. Firstly, it takes away the responsibility people have in climate change. Also, there is NO cause and effect between abortion and natural disasters. If so, Northern Europe would be hit with worse weather. They are not. And Mars, Venus, Saturn,. all have way, way worse weather than Earth. Who is there to be punished on Mars?

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