Blessed Mother and the Warning


This is an excerpt from a message, translated from Spanish to English, that the Blessed Mother gave to Luz de María, on January 20, 2018.


At this moment there are so many who issue statements about the WARNING and I hear them give false interpretations of what the WARNING really is. This great act of Mercy for Humanity is personal and at the same time for all Humanity.

Personnel because each one will look at himself as he is and for Humanity because everyone will see how two celestial bodies at a minimum impact at a great distance from Earth will cause great light and fire that in some places of the Earth will fall, instants before of the WARNING. MY CHILDREN, THE WARNING IS NOT THE GUARANTEE OF CONVERSION FOR ALL MANKIND, BUT ON THE CONTRARY, THOSE WHO REBEL LOOKING AT SO MANY COMMITTED OFFENSES, WILL BE MORE IMPLACABLE AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF MY SON.


I felt compelled to write about the Blessed Mother’s remark, because I have written a long Warning Package at the request and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I posted a link to an article on the dialog (chat) window of a new reader, a part of my evangelization, who immediately replied: “Another false prophet.”  You’re wrong, I retorted, because I’m not a prophet, therefore I cannot be a false prophet. Consult the Divine Call Package. The articles Man Thirsty for God and its complement Dialogue with the Holy Spirit are central to the package.  I am a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for the End Times, and I have received a few locutions from the Comforter to develop the Warning Package.

I did not mention the Warning Rebels would become more implacable to the Remnant Church; however, the pertinent point is eloquently taken by the Blessed Mother, for the rebels will vehemently hate Christians.

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