Supreme Court Replacement


You dirty it ― you clean it! The aphorism may come to apply to the US Supreme Court.  It has legalized abortion on Roe vs Wade on January 22, 1973, and it may Reverse Roe vs Wade in an intermediate future.

Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy has been on the US Supreme Court since February 18, 1988. He has voted to allow 20 of the 21 abortion restrictions he has evaluated, and has sided with the antiabortion position in all of the peripheral abortion cases that have been controversial. And the opinions he has written about abortion have become increasingly hostile to abortion rights. Kennedy is not a swing vote on abortion, as some critics consider him.

Contrarily, Associate Judge Ruth Ginsburg has been on the US Supreme Court since August 10, 1993, and has been a liberal advocate of abortion issues. Ginsburg is probably the most famous example of a pro-abortionist who passionately believes in the cause.  Fear of the Lord was an herb a donkey has eaten long ago!

A 5-4 Supreme Court decision in favor of abortion has been the ruling since I arrived in America on June 16, 1976.  Satan has always overruled God on the issue, but the tendency may soon become a 5-4 decision for LIFE, because President Donald Trump may offer to Associate Justice Ruth Ginsburg a deserved retirement, and replace her with a conservative Associate Justice.

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