Pro-Life Billboards across Ohio, USA


This is a synopsis of a Ryan Bomberger’s article published on LifeSiteNews on February 2, 2018.


Targeting the black community with abortion is nothing new for an industry birthed in eugenic racism and elitism. A few weeks ago, Ohio’s largest abortion facility, posted 16 billboards promoting the benefits of killing the unborn in Cleveland. Nine of those billboards were placed in predominantly colored neighborhoods with African-Americans comprising 79% or more of those neighborhoods.

Abortion is sacred. Abortion is a blessing. Abortion is necessary. Abortion is a family value. Abortion is gender equality. These are just some of the messages the multi-million dollar abortion business has displayed. Abortion is good medicine. Yes, because everyone knows that pregnancy is a disease. Only to a faux feminist movement is a woman’s biology her enemy.

Despite the fact that African-Americans make up only 12% of Ohio’s total population, they account for a hugely disproportionate 44% of the state’s 20,672 abortions. To contrast, 82% of Ohio’s population is white yet comprise only 49% of the state’s abortions. Abortion, no matter the “race” or hue is a tragedy.

Today, billboards declaring are going up all around the city. Abortion is population control. Abortion is fake feminism. Abortion is lost fatherhood. Abortion is big business. Abortion is regret.

Our social media campaign expounds upon these messages and, most importantly, highlights the pregnancy care centers and maternity homes that exist in the Cleveland area, providing compassionate help and hope. We’ve included post-abortion counseling and national pregnancy help resources like OptionLine and Pregnancy Decision Line as well. People can also find the real healthcare they need at over 13,000 federally qualified health centers and community health centers across the nation that provide the full spectrum of healthcare. They need a network of support and love that doesn’t profit when innocent human life is destroyed. Do you remember the riots? Do you remember the chants of #BlackLivesMatter? Nope. It’s obvious that only some black lives matter.

  • Abortion is systemic racism. A government funded entity—Planned Parenthood—that disproportionately kills unarmed black lives is systemic racism.
  • Abortion is pervasive injustice. More black babies are aborted than born alive in New York City, home of Planned Parenthood.
  • Abortion is exploitation. Talk to millions of women who’ve felt pressured or duped into having an abortion.
  • Abortion is genocide. The Reverend Jesse Jackson also declared that “abortion is genocide” in a 1973 Jet Magazine He was once passionately pro-life until he ran for President on the Democrat ticket.
  • Abortion is violence. What else do you call an act that dismembers an unborn human limb from limb?

Words are revolutionary. They have the ability to bring life or death. That conflict is playing out right now between two billboard campaigns — one speaking “their truth” and the other speaking the truth.

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1 Response to Pro-Life Billboards across Ohio, USA

  1. paul petit says:

    Why can’t Plan Parenthood use their medical acumen to encourage people to save lives by having the woman birth their babies instead of destroying the humans in their bodies. We need all the help we can get to get in this Country,,and in the World to get us heading in the right direction. How many World Saving Woman, and Men, are being lost in these Plan Parenthood slaughterhouses. Women of the world, don’t let them destroy your babies. Don’t let them control your population. They will use any line to get you to agree to abort your babies. Give those babies their chance at life, the same chance you and I and others are given.

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