The World is not your Friend


Confusion in the world is increasing because Satan has dispatched many fallen angels and other demons to earth to prepare the imminent debut of The Antichrist. I have warned you long ago to strengthen your system of immunity against the Antichrist before has hellish agenda starts to unfold.

The murders of 17 teenagers in a Florida high school shooting yesterday, Ash Wednesday of 2018, does not bode well for this remote preparation of our spiritual immune system. Listen carefully, our school administrators and elected officials have no mastered Bullying yet, and murderers in high schools will continue till we Return God to School.  When we expelled God from our public schools we did extend a red carpet to Satan to penetrate into our school system, because in spirituality there is no vacuum.

We seem too entangled in the material world while Christ Second Coming is fast approaching. We do not belong to this world, but the Kingdom of God, unless Satan and his cronies reroute us to Hell.  This is their main goal and they are deploying massive resources on Earth for the purpose.  It is The Great Spiritual War!  Whom are we going to call?  The Holy Spirit, who imparted the gifts of faith, hope and charity on our Baptism, to enable us to grow in our relationship with God and neighbor, and also confers Gifts upon us on our Confirmation to allow us the attainment of spiritual maturity. The Holy Spirit also endows selected persons with Nine Charisms, as He wills,  to serve the Mystic Body of Christ. The Church is currently in urgent need of Charisms to liberate Lukewarm Christians from their slumber.

Christ continues active in His Church through the Holy Spirit who endows us graces and leads us to the sacraments, particularly Penance and Eucharist, which are the main channels of Grace instituted by Jesus Christ.

Is the Church of Christ moving in the right direction amid this spiritual confusion? No! Reverse Roe vs Wade and the increase in Sunday worship, mainly among our Youth are real barometers of Spiritual Growth. What are we observing? Rampant apostasy, empty churches and the Senate in Washington DC celebrating the defeat of the Ban on Late Abortion are persuasive signs that we are generally ignoring the Call of God incurring a risk that we don’t seem to understand. The Almighty Father will whack us through the elements of nature to hear His Call and then seek the Kingdom of God, the supreme purpose of our existence.

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