Sinful Youth





This is the kind of sinful music Christ encourages the Youth to avoid.




This is part of a message from Jesus, with some editing for brevity, to Petrus Romanus on Ash Wednesday, February 15, 2018.


Jesus then explained that now, Satan has become more sophisticated and refined in his mode of tempting man – so much so, that men are drawn into temptations more readily and more easily – for he has used his wiles and superior intelligence, as he retained all the qualities of a Seraphic Angel, to entice men to sin.

Jesus then said, that in the Modern Era of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Satan has used his power over the youth, by introducing his music, which is Rock and Roll and hard core Heavy Metal Music – to sway the bodies, inciting sensuality and movement of the body to incite men to sin. This then, is brought into the homes, schools, playgrounds and workforce, through the powerful weapons of Social Media.

Internet, Telephone, TV Programs and Movies – these become an addictive drug, especially for the youth, who can no longer resist the pull. All looks innocent, especially through the instrument of movies, where nudity, sexuality, violence, drugs and throw-away humans, become the norm of the day.

This is the Modern day hypnosis of the whispers of Satan – to defy God: He does not exist – there is no life after death – no Hell or Heaven. What these sexualized movies do, is that you visualize them day in and day out – like poison, or a drug. You will not notice it because it goes into your spirit and you become drunk with the spirit of sensuality, where everything becomes acceptable as normal. So gradually, the soul becomes weaker to resist the temptation – like a person who is addicted to drugs or even gambling – so much so, that when you fall deeper and deeper, the soul becomes acceptable to any crime. In this way, Satan slowly places a fish net over you – a noose around you – where the soul becomes chained in his strong vice.

Jesus said, He has pity upon this generation, because there are so many refined temptations never seen before, since the beginning of creation. The only way to fight temptations is with prayer – especially the Holy Rosary – and to call often on God’s Holy Angels, especially Saint Michael, who can break these chains. Always call on God’s Mercy, for He, Our Lord, is always near and never forgets to call on His Blessed Mother, Who is the Custodian of every soul created.

Jesus said, because of His Great Love for souls and in a very special way, for this generation, who have had to fight Great Demons now loosed upon Earth, His Divine Mercy will rescue most of the youth and all the children of the world under the age of twelve, before His Second Coming.



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