Body, Soul and Mind




The body is a product of the mind, soul and daily care, and we can learn and apply ways to sustain and energize the body, such as diet and physical exercise.


The soul guides and directs our behavior and actions in the physical form.  When the soul chooses to leave the physical body, it perishes. We can exercise the soul through surrender to the Holy Spirit. He has told me that I’m particularly tuned to the spiritual realm and He could easily insert promptings in my mind. The Holy Spirit resides in the soul in the state of grace ― Soul: Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle!


The mind is the interactive mechanism between the body and soul. The mind registers and filters emotion and registers nerve impulses generated by the body. The degree of communication between the body and mind, and soul and mind depends on the ability to manipulate the mind. The mind has two choices: to block out sensation or to listen to it. If the mind is smart, it listens.

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