Mary Magdalene, March 28, 2018



Magdolna (Mary Magdalene)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Today, I have consecrated our country to Christ before the Holy Crown. During the ceremony, the angels surrounded us and the guardian angel of Hungary kept the Holy Crown in his hand while the incense was constantly ascending. Prayer swirled upward from our lips as a beam and joined the incense burning around the crown and circulating spirally into the sky. I saw how Christ mystically made the sign of the cross over our country and His wounds caused by the sins of the Hungarians were slowly healed. Jesus said: “I have dedicated this devotion, which served as expiation  in the presence of My Father, to the good of your nation. The Hungarian people need God’s grace, but to obtain grace, sins must be constantly expiated. Indeed, I inform you, that my Father also saw the offering, and it pleased Him.”

We went into the lower house’s meeting room, where parliamentary sessions took place. The angel of our nation walked around the room with its incense burner, and the angels were over again. I saw that at the side of the House of Commons St. Stephen on the side of Jesus, He appeared with angels and held the two lighted stone boards. The Savior lifted the stone tables with the light flowing throughout the room, and said: “I want the power of the Father’s law to overcome everything that is happening in this room. Some who dare to defy the Ten Commandments and the homeland, as Judas, are betrayers. These people would have been better if they were not born because they sinned very seriously before God. Indeed, I say to you, those parties who build and incite hatred and lies will ultimately be weakened and victimized. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul! Instead, be afraid of the one who can bring the soul and body to hell” (Mt 10:28).

Later on, we returned to the Holy Crown. I saw that behind the crown Jesus appeared as the Eternal Judge and beside us appeared our mother, who always looked upon her beloved son. I was amazed to see the Virgin Mary, who does not consider power in the crown, but the will of God. There were Noah, Moses and Elijah beside me. All three bowed before the Holy Crown, because this country is protected by the Virgin Mary. I heard Noah say: “My children, you are my idols by Nimrod, which your ancestors also knew. When God made a covenant with me, the grace of the covenant came not only to the created world but also to my blood line. Rejoice and cheer because the history of the Hungarian people will slowly come to light.”

After Noah, Moses said: “My children, the law of God is written in your hearts. Many people want to annihilate your country because they are afraid of you. His holy kings have known and practiced the virtues in which they were exalted above the other kings of the world, many of whom served only themselves and not God, so many of them died in shame.” Elijah, the father of the prophets, said: “Many of your nation’s predominant people followed the will of God. I lived as a hermit on the Carmel Hill for a long time. I am a great admirer of the Virgin Mary in Heaven, who carried the only child of God in her womb. You belong to the Virgin Mary and to the Holy Trinity. Pray that more priests bear the spirit of Mary in their hearts, for those who follow her will soon reach her Son!”

I saw the sky opened and the Heavenly Father sent a fire pillar around the border of our country. A fire pillar also eased the passage of the Jewish people protecting them from the Egyptian Pharaoh and his army. A fire from the sky has fallen over Hungary, which not only cleanses, but also increases the love for Hungary, which is currently very decisive for our future.

Finally, the Lord said: “I have set you before a trial that was similar to the trial of Abraham. I’ve seen many people meet my request. At that time Isaac could stay alive because Abraham believed in God and did His will, so His true line of blood remained. I want to give you this kind of grace now to protect the future of your nation from generation to generation. The test is done, I gave my graces, and you should wait now patiently.”

Translation of a divine message given to a Hungarian Seer.


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