Hell on Earth


I should focus on the salvation of souls and avoid gloom and doom in my articles.  However, I have read about kidnapping of children by pedophile rings, and I do think I should inform my readers about these abominations, which are literally Hell on Earth.  The pedophile rings are committing atrocities against their victims and their families, and society in general; therefore, we should dismantle the rings immediately.

I have browsed numerous videos in social media related to pedophile rings, and have concluded that “We The People” must actively collaborate to discover and terminate the  rings, and bring their perpetrators to Justice.  Man can behave as The Worst Animal on Earth.

It is further disturbing to know that some pedophile rings may sacrifice some innocent children as Victims of Satanic Cults.  Such behavior is absolutely heinous ― Hell on Earth!  American Authorities may prosecute soon this criminal activity … and now I realize why a distressed Christ asked me to write urgently an Hillary Alert on the eve of the 2016 US Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton is a globalist who would implement the New World Order (NWO), also known as Deep State, in America.


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