Philippines Dream






It follows the opening paragraph of the article Church Renewal in the Philippines:


The Holy Spirit asked me, a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for the End Times, to write the article The New Papal Seat, on December 2017.  On t April 2018, I watched some videos about the Philippines and its prophetic role on the End Times.


I rested for the day after watching some videos about the Philippines’s prophetic role, and  dreamed about the country in my sleep.

I was walking along a coastal region of the Philippines in a pleasant summer afternoon.  The landscape was charming and I could glimpse at least one island on the horizon.  It looked like my birthplace,  The Azores, in the mid North Atlantic!

I passed in a narrow street where ambulant merchants sold souvenirs.  I sported the jersey of Sporting Lisbon, my favorite soccer team, and overlooked the souvenirs because I saw a church nearby.  I entered the crowded church with many semicircles of seats facing a central altar surrounded by some priests.  The  assembly sang in jubilation while the priests incensed the altar and recited eucharistic prayers.  The assembly’s faith and enthusiasm absorbed me, while I pondered about weak devotion in America.

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