Second Letter to the Indians


I have composed the article First Letter to the Indians on November 10, 2014, and the Holy Spirit has asked me to WRITE TO INDIANS AGAIN. It follows an excerpt of the previous article:

I have been sending my blog articles to Indian individuals and groups through FACEBOOK, and India ranks second, after the United States, as the nation with more visits to my blog last month; yet, the Holy Spirit wants me to contact you. He has recruited me in The End Times to maximize the elected on Christ’s Second Coming. I do think that the Holy Spirit wants Christ to maximize the number of Indians He will take to Heaven on His Return.

There are four main religions in India, and Christianity ranks third with 2% of the population. There are several religions in Christianity including the Roman Catholic Church, which was founded by Christ who incarnated and suffered under Pontius Pilate to redeem Humanity from the original sin.  All other Christian religions originated from Roman Catholicism and were founded by man, whereas the Roman Catholic Church was founded by God.

Christ died on a cross to redeem all Humanity throughout all ages, regardless of religion affiliation. He will grant a private audience to every person of reasoning age, regardless of religion, to invite them to join Him in Heaven.

I have written the article The Warning as a synopsis of the private audience. Click on the following link to retrieve the article.

You can retrieve the Warning Package to learn some details about The Warning. Click on the following link to retrieve the full package.

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