Third Letter to the Filipinos

The letter introduces you to the concept of Package, which is a fundamental information structure of my blog. Click on the following link to retrieve the article Package.

The article contains the hyperlink Warning Package. I have prepared this vital package at the request of the Holy Spirit in anticipation of the Warning and the Illumination of Conscience.  The Warning Package has counterparts in Portuguese, Spanish and French. I encourage the Filipinos to send the link of the Warning Package to their friends as a part of the Church Renewal in the Philippines.  You copy the link listed below and paste it on the pages of your friends.

The article Package Index lists all packages written in English. Click the following link to retrieve the Package Index.

The Package Index has the entries Warning and Philippines.  If you click on Warning you will obtain a list of all articles of the Warning Package you will send to your friends.  You can obtain a list of all articles intended primarily for Filipinos if you click on Philippines.

May Peace be with you!

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