Fifth Letter to the Filipinos

I am a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for The End Times. Is there a difference between a Prophet and a Messenger? I raised the question and gave a succinct answer in the Fourth Letter to the Filipinos. I plan to research topics such the role of a Messenger, and True and False Messengers in the near future ―such research may help to improve my communication with you, dear Brethren in Christ.

I present now my Divine Call Package with its articles denoted as hyperlinks, you must click to retrieve their corresponding articles. The articles Interaction with the Holy Spirit, Man Thirsty of God and Dialogue with the Holy Spirit are central to the package. The article Dialogue with the Holy Spirit complements Man Thirsty for God. Click on the following link to retrieve my Divine Call Package.

When I Left Saint Pius V church I perceived an invisible hand was guiding me around the church block to get to my car ― to allow sufficient time to the Dialogue with the Holy Spirit.  I told Him I was not worthy of such noble call, because I was a sinner, a layman without any formal background in Theology, and I had to help my family facing a current.  “Manuel, I cannot force you to accept my call, you can decline it, but you are the person I’ve elected for a specific mission that I’ll reveal to you as time goes on.  Don’t be entangled with mundane worries because I’m God, I can do whatever I want, and I’ll solve those problems for you. I just seek your fiat.”

I reasoned I could risk my salvation at that moment, and remember the Sins against the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit allayed my fears. I surrender to you, Holy Spirit! Click on the following link to retrieve the Sins against the Holy Spirit Package.

I have indicated in my Divine Call Package that I had communicated with all three members of the Holy Trinity. Yes, They have distinct personalities ― three persons, I did realize ― in the mystery of One God in Three Persons. You may wonder if I was ever visited by the Blessed Mother … it did never happen.

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