Maria Julianna, April 18, 2018



Maria Juliana

April 18, 2018

“Dear children! I’m so happy with you, for it is an unimaginable joy for me to come to your heart, when you welcome and worship Me. I also appreciate enormous happiness with you ― this is the hall of Heaven! You are actually on Earth but will live in Heaven. You cannot see the dead and the miracle of Eucharist, and you cannot perceive the awesome happiness that awaits you in Eternity. But now I give you a little sense of this soaring joy, to taste what Eternality holds for you and how I feel in your heart. Every person feels in his or her soul after the sacramental sacrifice that I am in his or her heart. Those who love Me and place their Spirit in Me, receive a great joy in their souls.

My little children! Receive Me in the sacraments with great joy, full humility and great faith. I, the Savior, who have suffered for you, will come down from Heaven in all my holiness to stay with you ― I do all this because I love you infinitely. I never want to withdraw myself from you, and by your faith in all sacraments you receive the Grace to unite with your Divine Redeemer, immerse in Me as a tiny water drop in the mighty ocean. I love all my children; I assure you all that I want to save everybody.

I pray to my Father for everybody, so that no single drop of my blood is lost. Those who turn their backs to Me do not believe Me because they do not know Me, and so turn God’s Grace in vain. I have redeemed you all, therefore pray so that your united sacrifices and sufferings might raise the fallen sinners to seek and find Me, and then be saved.

My dear children! If you saw the terrible struggle for the souls between the demons and the holy angels, and the dense, dark cloud that surrounds the whole earth ― because of guilty people ― you would die in horror. You all should love and find refuge in Me and avoid misleading Satan.

My dear children! I have to intervene for St. Paul wrote: “When the sin is overwhelming, the Grace is overwhelmed.” Now I pour out my mercy and allow the guilty to see the terrible state of their souls. The Holy Spirit Himself will show them their spiritual condition. It would lead them to Hell and He will show them the terrible torment of Hell and its whole nature. Many people will die of terror, and others will cry to Me for help and will be saved from eternal damnation. It is necessary for people to realize both Heaven and Hell and to make the adequate election between them. This will be for both man’s salvation and Satan’s annihilation.

Pope John Paul II also said: The Holy Spirit reveals Satan’s wickedness and mischief because he cannot hide himself further.

I bless you ― my heart is infinite, with all the human meaning, in wonderful love ― in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Scripture Confirmation: Mt 21, 12: “Cleaning the Temple” 13: “Jesus said” And the Lord Jesus says, “I will cleanse my Church now.”


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